“…But most exciting is my migraines have nearly disappeared! In fact, I have had only one in 35 days… I highly recommend to others in my position to look past pills and try chiropractic care.”

Lindsey C.

“I’ve had shoulder issues for years and physical therapy would help on a short term basis, but pain would eventually come back.  Being a professional athlete, I couldn’t go on like that and now a year later after seeing Dr. Bulitta the pain is completely gone…thank you!” 


“…But the care and strategies from Dr. Bulitta are essential elements of a management program that has allowed me to pursue a normal range of activities including sports.  Without that care the quality of my life would be diminished!”

Jim G.

“…I began my journey toward recovery.  I know I have some problems that may resurface depending on my activities, but he has helped me tremendously!”  I also feel my immune system has been enhanced!”

Rita E.

“I was once severely impaired by lower back pain and sciatica.  Dr. Bulitta restored my quality of life and gave me a “second chance” without the dangers of surgery.  I will be forever grateful!”

Luis G.

“Within the first two visits the Dr. had me walking comfortably and taller than before.  And within a couple weeks I was on the golf course again. He wasn’t able to cure my “snap hook,” but that is not his specialty!”


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